The mission of CKC Farming is to manage and preserve urban farms that inspire the next generation of sustainable food innovators through hands-on, farm-based education.

Our vision is a robust network of urban farms here in Montgomery County, MD that connect people to the food they eat, to each other and to nature. 


The real inspiration for CKC Farming comes from Ms. Lynn Koiner, a life-long urban farmer and daughter of Mr. Charles Koiner. 


The immense value of a farm in the city is in no way lost on Lynn.  In her own words, "when I reincarnate, I'm coming back here ... and this darn well better be a farm."


Lynn has long invited school children, community groups and others to come, learn and enjoy her family's farm. 

CKC Farming simply hopes to continue in Lynn's footsteps.


The purpose of CKC Farming is to expose city-residents to agriculture.   Agriculture, as we know it, is need of repair: 


  • According to the World Resources Institute, agriculture contributes 13% of climate changing gasses to our atmosphere - making it the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases (GHGs).  (Of note, agriculture is second only to the energy sector, which includes both power generation and transportation.)

  • As reported by the Washington Post, the United States has lost 4 million of its 6 million family farms since 1940.  

  • As reported by U.S. News and World Report, the average age of America's farmers is 58.3.  (Of note, farmers rank second in age only to motor vehicle operators, who's average age is 59.2.)

  • According to the CDC, obesity in children has more than tripled since the 1970's.


Any one of these problems is cause for concern, but what is most alarming is the general loss of attention given to food and how it is produced.


However, change is in the air.  Schools across the country are putting in school gardens and introducing agriculture classes; productive urban farms are popping up on rooftops, abandoned lots, south-facing walls, old warehouse, and more; and talks on all things food and garden are more popular than ever before.  Farming is experiencing a renaissance. 

Many feel that the agriculture industry is on the verge of yet another major revolution.  However, if there is any hope for an agricultural revolution of the 21st century that is rooted in sustainability, people must have time to observe, experience, contemplate, care and tinker with the act of growing food.  


This is why CKC Farming exists.


The Charles Koiner Conservancy for Urban Farming (DBA: CKC Farming) is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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