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The Charles Koiner Center for Urban Farming (DBA: CKC Farming) is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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If you've ever thought to yourself ... "hum, that little plot of land, just sitting there, could be the perfect spot for someone to plant a beautiful food garden."  Well, that someone is us. 

We build and manage urban farms.  We work with members of neighborhood associations, parent-teacher associations, utilities, business owners and private citizens who are interested converting unused or underused land into agricultural treasures for their community.  Unused or underused land in Montgomery County, MD is rare, but it does exist for those willing to get creative ... think about riparian flood zones, Metro fields with grates for tunnel ventilation, former playing fields or parts of playing fields, or privately-owned land.  If you would like to see these spaces in your neighborhood come alive with truly local produce, outdoor learning activities, and community engagement, please call us.


While the primary goal of each CKC farm is to provide engaging, outdoor, hands-on, science-based learning activities, we also strive to maximize the many other positive effects that urban farms have on a community:

  • Creation of open green space

  • Neighborhood beautification

  • Meaningful community engagement

  • Support for small local businesses

  • Outdoor living, improved nutrition, stress reduction


It is our hope, that the experiences and knowledge gained by visits to CKC farms will result in healthy, informed, caring citizens armed to make critical decisions for their future.