The Charles Koiner Center for Urban Farming (CKC Farming) protects and maintains urban farms that help inspire the next generation of sustainable food innovators.

We protect urban farms through a number of mechanisms, such as holding land in trust, establishing conservation easements, creating long-term leases, and applying for tax credits.  

We maintain urban farms by creating paying jobs for city farmers and managing teams of interns and volunteers who get to work side-by-side with experienced farmers without having to trek out to the countryside.

CKC Farming is rooted in the understanding that our global food system is unsustainable for farmers, consumers and the planet.  Solving the world’s agricultural problems will require innovative, healthy, caring individuals, armed with the experience and understanding to tackle the agricultural challenges of their lifetime.  CKC Farming provides opportunities for people to explore, discuss, learn and innovate in the pursuit of sustainable agriculture.

If you are interested in starting an urban community farm or preserving an existing urban farm, please contact usWe work with private property owners, members of neighborhood associations, parent-teacher associations, utilities, business owners and private citizens who are interested converting unused or underused land into agricultural treasures for their community. 


While the primary goal of each CKC farm is to provide engaging, outdoor, hands-on, science-based learning activities, we also strive to maximize the many other positive effects that urban farms have on a community:

  • Creation of open green space

  • Neighborhood beautification

  • Meaningful community engagement

  • Support for small local businesses

  • Outdoor living, improved nutrition, stress reduction


It is our hope, that the experiences and knowledge gained by visits to CKC farms will result in healthy, informed, caring citizens armed to make critical decisions for their future.



The Charles Koiner Conservancy for Urban Farming (DBA: CKC Farming) is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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