Koiner Farm is managed by a cooperative team, each bringing their own unique experiences and skill set to the farm.  



Kate Medina

Founder & Executive Director

In addition to managing the business side of organization, Kate helps out at the farm with special projects and upgrades.  Kate can be found at Koiner Farm on Thursday mornings and during field trips and events.  As a former Biology professor, Kate is particularly interested in the use of urban farms as an ourdoor classroom and inspiration for STEM applications. 


Hannah Sholder

Founder & Director of Farm Operations

As the Director of Farm Management, Hannah wears many hats for the conservancy - she manages  all on-farm events , as well as internships & volunteerships,  Hannah's background is in urban planning with a focus on affordable housing.  Hannah likes to share stories about her days working with Charlie Koiner and is passionate about carrying on the practices and traditions of older generations.  She can be found at Koiner Farm weekday evenings.

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Emily Sells

Head Farm Manager

Emily is an Indiana native with a BA in Environmental Science from Earlham College.  Growing her own food has diversified her palate and expanded her love for cooking. She enjoys educating people about how farming has shifted over the past 50 years to support big agriculture, where the taste of food and health of the environment are an afterthought. Emily has hiked 500 miles of the Ap Trail and enjoys exploring the DMV network of park trails.


Peter Lewis

Assistant Farm Manager

Peter manages seeds starts and runs the Community Composting Program at Koiner Farm (find out more about composting here).  Peter is a jack of all trades... gardener, artist, chef, barber, farmer, composter and more.  He shares his creative passions with Koiner Farm by starting healthy seedlings, churning out nutritious compost, and working with interns every Monday and Thursday .  


Joan Kennedy

Volunteer Manager

Joan is a skilled gardener and long-time neighbor of Koiner Farm.  Joan works with several volunteer crews and they get more work done in one evening than most of us get done in a whole day.  Find Joan at Koiner Farmin on Sunday evenings.


Chris Weals

Volunteer Manager

Chris is a retired and recovering lawyer with a love of gardening.  Chris is originally from Ohio, but moved to D.C. about 35 years ago. Christ comes from a long line of plant lovers... his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all horticulturalists.  He is happy to be able to continue their legacy and persue his own passions at Koiner Farm!  Find Chris a Koiner Farm on Thursday evenings.

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Evelyn Jemionek

Volunteer Manager

Evelyn is Koiner Farm's most tenured volunteer.  She started working for Charlie Koiner back in the early 2000's.  Evelyn now manages the harvest crew on Monday and Thursday mornings.  Evenly is also the inspriation and name sake of the annually awarded Evelyn Jemiokek Volunteer of the Year Award bestowed upon a volunteer who exhibits exceptional commitment to the farm. 

Our team works to ensure that the protected lands under CKC's stewardship are continuously serving the needs and wants of the local community. For us, this work falls into three core program areas - farm management, farm education and farm stewardship - and requires an avenue for community participation and input at each level of programming. We rely on volunteers from the community to vounteer their time, knowlege, labor and love so that our programs and services truly meet the needs and wants of the local community.

The Team of Farm Managers was formed in 2019 and now consists of 7 members. The Farm Managers are responsible for taking care of all things related to the soil and crops at Koiner Farm. They manage the Internship Program, the Community Compost Program, the Farmstand Sales and they have the most volunteers.  The Farm Mangers meetings are open to the public. Topics, such as, what to plant, how to address soil deficiencies and pest problem, and who will repair broken equipment are always on the agenda, among other things. Meetings take place at Koiner Farm (weather and daylight permitting - otherwise we meet on zoom) on the first Monday of each month. Contact hannah@ckcfarming.org to receive a calendar invitation.

The Team of Farm Educators formed in late 2021 and now consists of 6 members. The Farm Educators are responsible for fulfilling CKC's nonprofit education purpose. They manage the Field Trips Program, all on-farm and off-farm Workshops, Tours and Activities, and the creation of the Learning Hubs at Koiner Farm. This team meets six times per year on first Tuesday of February, March, April, August, September and October from 6:30-7:30pm on Zoom.  These meetings are open to the public. Contact kate@ckcfarming.org to receive a calendar invitation.

The Team of Farm Stewards for Koiner Farm is now forming! The Farm Stewards role as community liaisons and event planners, has been filled most recently by members of the East Silver Spring Neighborhood Association. The Farm Stewards work centers around community engagement and outreach. To learn more about the Farm Stewards Team click here or contact kate@ckcfarming.org.