Koiner Farm is managed by a cooperative team, each bringing their own unique experiences and skill set to the farm.  If you are a passionate gardener seeking a position with CKC, please send a letter of interest to hannah@ckcfarming.org.



Kate Medina

Founder & Executive Director

In addition to managing the business side of organization, Kate helps out at the farm with special projects and upgrades.  Kate can be found at Koiner Farm on Thursday mornings and during field trips and events.  As a former Biology professor, Kate is particularly interested in the use of urban farms as an ourdoor classroom and inspiration for STEM applications. 


Hannah Sholder

Founder & Deputy Director

Hannah wears many hats for the conservancy, including program director for both Land Stewardship and Farm Management.  Hannah's background is in urban planning with a focus on affordable housing.  Hannah likes to share stories about her days with Charlie Koiner and is passionate about carry on the practices and traditions of older generations.  Hannah can be found at Koiner Farm weekday evenings.

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Emily Sells

Head Farm Manager

Emily is an Indiana native with a BA in Environmental Science from Earlham College.  Growing her own food has diversified her palate and expanded her love for cooking. She enjoys educating people about how farming has shifted in the last 50 years to support big agriculture, where the taste of food and health of the environment are an afterthought. Emily has hiked 500 miles of the Ap Trail and enjoys exploring parks around the DMV.


Peter Lewis

Assistant Farm Manager

Petermanages seeds starts and runs the Community Composting Program at Koiner Farm (find out more about this program here).  Peter is a jack of all trades... gardener, artist, chef, barber, farmer, composter and more.  He shares his creative passions with Koiner Farm by starting healthy seedlings, churning out nutritious compost, and working with interns every Monday and Thursday .  


Joan Kennedy

Volunteer Manager

Joan is a skilled gardener and long-time neighbor of Koiner Farm.  Joan works with several volunteer crews and they get more work done in one evening than most of us get done in a whole day.  Find Joan at Koiner Farmin the evenings on Thursdays and Sundays.


Wes Cannon

Garden Manager

Wes started at Koiner Farm as an intern in the spring of 2019 and is thrilled to continue on in their new position as Assistant Farm Manager. Wes graduated from Montgomery Blair High School in 2020 and will matriculate at St. John's College in the fall of 2021. Besides farming, Wes plays the mountain dulcimer and loves hiking and backpacking.

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Evelyn Jemionek

Harvest Manager

Evelyn is, by far, Koiner Farm's longest volunteer.  She started working for Charlie Koiner back in the early 2000's.  Evelyn manages the harvesting and picking.  She can be found at the farm on Monday and Thursday mornings.