Now that CKC Farming has permanently preserved Koiner Farm, we are embarking on the development of a  Conservation Plan that will determine where other urban farms should be established and/or protected.  Our vision is a network of urban farms throughout Montgomery County, MD ... a sort of urban agriculture reserve, if you will.


Learn more about our plan here.

We are currently identifying  criteria that will be used to assess a property's potential for urban farming. 

This criteria includes factors such as ...

  • presence of local champions and/or land steward(s)

  • long-term land use and/or preservation options

  • soil type and/or past land uses

  • surrounding population density and demographics

  • proximity to metro zones,  transit, schools, farmers markets, grocery stores, and other community assets 


In addition to setting criteria, we are simultaneously looking for potential urban farming sites and we need your help - after all, you know your neighborhood best.  If you have ever thought ...

"Hum, we should do something with that unused plot of land"

"Such a waste to mow that field, and no one ever uses it"

"If my neighbors and I combined parts of our yard, we could have a dynamite little farm." 

Well, now is your chance to put your ideas into action and start a neighborhood farm.  


Fill in the form below.  We will then create a GIS layer of all of the recommended sites and see which ones meet the criteria for urban farming. 

Please direct questions and comments related to CKC's urban farming Conservation Plan to

“An urban farm is not really about growing food, so much as growing a community of people who come together for the shared purpose of creating a local food system that feeds everyone equally.”

Gretchen Mean, Executive Director

The Victory Garden Initiative

Montgomery County Councilmember Evan Glass (pictured above at Koiner Farm) supports local produce. 


“We would like to, you know, create more use of small plots of land for agriculture because there’s a lot of interest in locally sourced foods.”

- Montgomery County Councilmember Tom Hucker



The Charles Koiner Conservancy for Urban Farming (DBA: CKC Farming) is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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