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The Charles Koiner Conservancy is a local nonprofit land trust dedicated to protecting and managing community-led urban farms in Montgomery County, MD.


Last year (2022) was our most productive year yet... and we're not just talking about the bounty of eggplants that we got (whoa!). The outpouring of support from our local community through events, volunteerism, donations, and simple kindness, made it all possible.  Thank you!


Koiner Farm is a collective effort, demonstrating what’s possible when we all are given the opportunity to actively participate in our local food system. We are incredibly grateful to the friends and neighbors of Koiner Farm who have embraced this opportunity and shown that urban communities should no longer be thought of as a drain on the food system, but rather as a source of power and innovation for building smarter, safer, more just local food systems. Nonprofit neighborhood farms, like Koiner Farm, empower communities to do just this! That is why the Charles Koiner Conservancy is working to support and preserve green space for local food production throughout the urban neighborhoods of Montgomery County.


We are proud to share our 2022 Impact Report and 2022 Financial Sumary below.

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Screenshot (1088).png


CONTRIBUTED INCOME                        $65,500

Individual Contributions                               $30,500

Corporate Contributions                                $10,000

Foundation Grants                                              $25,000

EARNED INCOME                                         $34,300

Sale of Farm Produce                                          $9,000

Fee for Service                                                           $1,300

Government Contracts                                     $24,000

IN-KIND INCOME                                          $120,000

TOTAL INCOME                                               $219,800

NET ASSETS                          

Net Asset Begining of the Year                     $27,700

Change in Net Asset                                              $27,100

Net Asset End of Year                                          $54,800

PROGRAM EXPENSE                 $62,000

Education                                                    $28,000

Farm Management                             $20,000

Land Preservation                               $14,000

ADMIN EXPENSE                           $6,200


TOTAL EXPENSE                             $192,700

IN-KIND EXPENSE                       $120,000


End of year                                                   $55,000

For more detailS, view our complete 2021 990EZ   here:

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