Announcement: #002

Position​ ​title:​ ​Assistant Farm Manager at Koiner Farm  

Position​ ​reports​ ​to:​ ​Director of Farm Management

Position ​status:​ ​ Part-Time (10-15 hours a week), Independent Contractor

Payment: $20/hour  

Start date: July 2021

About​ the organization: The Charles Koiner Conservancy for Urban Farming (CKC) is a nonprofit land trust established in 2018 to protect and manage urban farms for the purpose of hands-on education that inspires the next generation of sustainable food innovators. CKC’s flagship farm is the historic 1-acre Koiner Farm in downtown Silver Spring. Koiner Farm was established in 1983 by Charles Koiner, a lifelong Montgomery County farmer. Today the farm is owned by Charles’ daughter Lynn, and operated by CKC. The property is co-held under conservation easement by CKC and the Maryland Environmental Trust to ensure its preservation and public access in perpetuity.

About the position: CKC seeks to engage an individual with farming experience to help manage the vegetable operation at Koiner Farm. As an independent contractor, the Assistant Farm Manager will determine their own hours, provide their own transportation, and provide their own personal computer and/or communication equipment. 

The contractor is responsible for creating weekly work-plans for the farm in consultation with the Director of Farm Management. Work plans should be based on the farm’s 2021 Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) & Planting Guide. Some tasks can be assigned to a team of interns and volunteers, who are managed by the Director of Farm Management, while other tasks are carried out directly by the Assistant Farm Manager (see responsibilities below). Coordination with CKC’s Lead Harvester is also required to help prepare for on-farm sales. 

Responsibilities: The responsibilities of the Assistant Farm Manager will vary by season.

Summer & Fall (May – Oct):

  • Work in consultation with the Director of Farm Management to prepare weekly work-plans for volunteers and interns 

  • Oversee proper planting and care of crops

  • Ensure plants are being watered adequately and appropriately

  • Ensure weeds, pests and disease are promptly and appropriately addressed

  • Coordinate with CKC’s Lead Harvester for sales days 

  • Oversee proper management of the 3-bin hot compost system

Winter (Nov-Jan):

  • Prep farm for winter (e.g. plant cover crops, conduct soil sampling, put away equipment)

  • Update CKC's NMP and Planting Guide for Koiner Farm 

  • Oversee proper management of 3-bin hot compost system

Early Spring (Feb-Apr):

  • Manage seed starts at Koiner Farm’s high tunnel

  • Prep soil for spring planting (e.g. incorporate cover crop and/or compost)

  • Re-lay drip irrigation as needed 

  • Reinstall pest management elements (e.g. fencing, row covers, etc.) as needed

Equal​ ​opportunity​ ​employer: CKC is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability or belief. We encourage a diversity of candidates to apply for this position. 

To​ ​apply: Applications are considered on a rolling basis. Qualified candidates should submit their resume and cover letter to Hannah Sholder, Director of Farm Management ( Email subject line should read '​Koiner Farm - Assistant Farm ​Manager​'.