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The Charles Koiner Center for Urban Farming (DBA: CKC Farming) is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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Job Announcement #1

Position: Farm Manager

Employment Status: Part-time, independent contractor

Time frame: February 3 - November 27, 2020 (10 months)

Hours: Monday - Friday, 4-7pm (hours may vary slightly based on the season)

Location: Koiner Farm, 737 Easley Street, Silver Spring, MD 20910


About CKC Farming & Koiner Farm: The Charles Koiner Center for Urban Farming (CKC Farming) is a nonprofit land trust established in 2018 to protect and manage urban farms for the purpose of hands-on education that inspires the next generation of sustainable food innovators. CKC Farming’s flagship farm is the historic 1-acre Koiner Farm in downtown Silver Spring. Koiner Farm was established in 1983 by Charles Koiner, a lifelong Montgomery County farmer. Today the farm is owned by Charles’ daughter Lynn, and operated by CKC Farming. The property is also co-held under easement by CKC Farming and the Maryland Environmental Trust to ensure its preservation and public access in perpetuity.


Jobs Description & Duties: The Farm Manager reports to CKC Farming's Deputy Director. The Farm Manager is responsible for creating weekly work-plans in consultation with the Deputy Director.  Work plans should be based on the farm’s 2020 Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) & Planting Guide. Some tasks can be assigned to a team of interns and volunteers, who are managed by the Deputy Director, while others are carried out directly by the Farm Manager (see duties below). Coordination with the market management team is also required for harvesting produce to be sold on-site and at the FRESHFARM Farmers’ Market, Saturdays 9am-1pm, in downtown Silver Spring.


Early Spring (February – March)

  • Familiarize yourself with the Koiner Farm NMP and Planting Guide

  • Manage seed starts

  • Prep soil for spring planting (e.g. incorporate cover crop/compost)

  • Lay drip irrigation (e.g. hoses, drip tape, emitters, and timers) 

  • Install pest management elements (e.g. fencing, covers, etc.)

  • Prune fruit trees and shrubs

Summer & Fall (April – November)

  • Follow and/or update Koiner Farm's NMP and Planting Guide

  • Work in consultation with the Deputy Director to prepare weekly work-plans for volunteers and interns 

  • Oversee proper planting and care of crops

  • Ensure plants are watered adequately and appropriately

  • Ensure plants are free from weeds, pests and disease

  • Harvest crops in coordination with the Market Management Team

  • Oversee proper management of the 3-bin hot compost system

  • Prep for winter (e.g. planning, cover crops, soil sampling, etc.)


How to Apply: Send your resume and cover letter to CKC Farming’s Deputy Director, Hannah Sholder (hannah@ckcfarming.org).

Please title your email: Application Farm Manager.


Deadline: Please submit materials no later than midnight, November 8, 2019.