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The Charles Koiner Conservancy is working with our nonprofit partners and the Montgomery County government (including the Department of General Services (DGS), the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the County Executive's Office) to identify, secure and establish urban farms in Wheaton, MD.  

Wheaton is an identified Food Security Priority Area of Montgomery County, with a median household income that is 25% below the county average. As a densely populated part of the county, and being home to the largest population of residents born outside of the country, the Wheaton area presents a number of opportunities for addressing some of the most critical social, economic and environmental justice issues of our time.

If you are a resident of Wheaton and interested in urban farming, please take a moment to complete our Wheaton Community Farm Survey (escuesta en Espanol aqui). We want to hear from you!

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LOIEDERMAN MIDDLE SCHOOL SITE: On December 5, 2023 the Montgomery County School Board approved a resolution expressing MCPS' desire to partner with CKC to establish an innovative, community-based education urban farm at A. Mario Loiederman Middle School in Wheaton, MD. CKC and MCPS  are currently working on the terms of their partnership. The groundbreaking for the Farm at Loiederman Middle School is scheduled for Earth Day 2024.

CLARIDGE ROAD SITE:  This 1-acre site is located on Claridge Road between the Montclair Manor Apartments and Moline Road, across the street from St. Catherine Laboure Church. This site went through the County's formal disposition process, but upon further review by the Department of Environmental Protection, it has been determined that this site cannot support both stormwater priorities and urban farming activities. This site is no longer eligible for farming. For more updates on the Claridge Road site remediation process, please click here.

NAIRN ROAD SITE: This 0.25-acre site is located on Nairn Road in downtown Wheaton. This site has gone through the County's formal land review process and is eligible for urban farming. Based on CKC's internal review, the food production capacity of the site is low (small space, lots of shade, many roots, and flood prone area at the site's west end), however easy access to the land, as well the site's proximity to schools and apartments makes it a desirable community green space. CKC is seeking a sister site to this property in order to increase food production.  CKC is also seeking community partners to collaborate on providing community services. 

EVANS PARKWAY SITE: This 1.5-acre site located at the corner of Evans Parkway and Dennis Avenue has been deemed ineligible for urban farming due to M-NCPPC plans to plan trees on this site.

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