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Urban Homesteading Workshops at Koiner Farm on the last Wednesday of each month April through October (weather permitting). These free workshops are led by our Interns and include topics ranging from "soil testing" to "pest identification" to "tips for harvesting garlic."


Big thanks to all of our talented interns, volunteers and neighbors who have graciously shared their wisdom with us over the years! The workshops and tours hosted at Koiner Farm are powered and led by members of the community.  As a community land trust, we are dedicated to providing safe, open, green spaces where communities can actively engage with their land, their food, and each other.  Workshops and tours are a great way for the community to do this!


If you or someone you know has an idea for an educational workshop or tour about sustainable eating and/or farming, please send an email to with your idea.  We are always excited to share traditions, practices and new ideas that help build better local food systems.

The Neighborhood Pumpkin Display

Koiner Farm Pumpkin Display - this is an annual event, in which neighbors deliver their pumpkins to the corner of Easley & Grove Streets the week after Halloween. We light the pumpkins each night before their destiny in our on-farm composter.

Seed Saving

Seed Saving - this is a virtual series answering the why, when and how of saving seeds

Preserving Summer's Bounty

Preserving Summer's Bounty - this is a virtual series on canning, drying and other creative ways to enjoy locavore living throughout the year

Volunteer Days

Volunteer Days - these are community work days at Koiner Farm, in which the community comes out to help us "open up" the farm in early spring and "close down" the farm in late fall

Pollinator Tours

Pollinator Tours - these are self-guided tours that start at the Koiner Farm farmstand and have been designed for June through July viewing

Seasonal Farm Festivals

Farm Festivals - these are spring and fall gatherings at Koiner Farm, in which the community comes together to show support for their neighborhood farm

Bokashi Composting

Bokashi Composting - this is a virtual series on a method of composting that is ideal for urban farms

The Art of the Seed Start

The Art of the Seed Start - this is a virtual series on starting healthy plants indoors in February and March

Summer Music

Summer Music - this is a live music series at Koiner Farm from 5-7pm on the third Thursday of each month from April through October

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