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Charlie Koiner would have been turning  101 this month!  

Make a donation of $19.20 - the year Charlie was born - to honor his life! 

HONORING 1920 WITH $19.20

Charlie Koiner would have been 101 this month!  In honor of Charlie and all that he did to protect Koiner Farm, we invite you and your family to join us for one last gathering of the year, as we celebrate Charlie and the gifts that he left behind - healthy food, healthy land, and healthy community!

Saturday, November 20th, 2-3pm @ Koiner Farm

We'll share information on Charlie's life and legacy, and discuss the future of urban farming here in Montgomery County!  A suggested donation of $19.20 (the year Charlie was born) for each family attending is greatly appreciated.



Even if you can't attend, we invite you to honor Charlie and support urban farming by making a donation of $19.20 and sharing Charlie's Birthday Facebook Fundraiser with your friends and family. 


Read more about Charlie's life here.

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