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"It is not what you have, but what you give that brings happiness."

- Lord Baden-Powell (soldier, writer and founder of the scouting movement)


Please coordinate with before starting any of the projects listed below.   Thanks!

Are you looking for an Eagle Scout or Gold Award project idea ... or just a community-enhancing volunteer activity for your kids, students, or campers?  Well, Koiner Farm needs your help!  Below are several project ideas that would benefit the Farm and bring happiness to the East Silver Spring neighborhood.  These are independent projects, meaning all of the resources that are required to complete the project will be provided independently of CKC .  Should you and/or your group choose to take on one of these projects, you will need to provide your own resources (including your own work space, know-how & expertise, time, materials, tools, etc.).  Be sure to email before starting in order to coordinate the project details.  Thank you!

Needed projects: 

  1. Little Free Pantry (click here for design ideas and more info)

  2. Little Free Library (click here for design ideas and more info)

  3. Portable Wash Station (click here for design ideas)

Completed projects:

  1. Little Free Library (pictures coming soon)

  2. Bushel Basket Stand (pictures coming soon)

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