Land... acces to it, decision making power over it, and utility of it... is a driver of segregation and inequility... the fallout of which, is still present in the East Silver Spring community today.


As an aspiring Community Land Trust (CLT), the Charles Koiner Conservancy relies on a team of local stewards to help ensure that diverse voices and opinions are heard and represented in the land use decision making at Koiner Farm. 


Our Farm Stewards support community outreach and engagment programs at Koiner Farm, by:

  • Ensuring that Koiner Farm is being use in accordance with the terms of the conservation easement, so that it will exist for future generations

  • Recommending culturally appropriate crops, so that the produce grown at Koiner Farm reflects the culinary preferences of the community it serves

  • Identifing local talent (such as musicians, artisans, chefs, tour guides, workshop hosts, yoga instructors,  etc.) that broadly resonate with members of the community

  • Liaisoning with marginalized or less-represented pockets of the community, so that all feel welcome at Koiner Farm

  • Translating signage, flyers and announcements into approriate languages

Sadly, Silver Spring has a long history of imposing racist deed restrictions on properties and, although these practices have been eradicated, the long term effects are still felt within the East Silver Spring community - particularly when you look at the racial demographics of single family home owners versus multi-unit renters.

Access to clean, safe greenspaces is a driver of physical and emotional well-being.Koiner Farm - located one block from the business district of Silver Spring, juxtaposed between the single family homes and multi-unit buildings - is uniquely positioned to address some of the land access inequities that still exist within our neighborhood.

Understanding the complexities of racial fall-out, particularly as it relates to access to land and healthy food, is key to the work of our Farm Stewards.